My current research focuses on: Education, The Environment, Labour Market Subsidies, International Policy, Coordination of Labour Markets, Migration

[ journal publications and book chapters ]
– Wage Subsidies in an Open Economy – When Does Policy Coordination Pay, Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal, Vol. 6, 2012-30. (with Sebastian Braun).
 Gender Inequality and Trade, Review of International Economics, Vol. 14 (2006) No. 3, (with Matthias Busse).
– Trade and FDI in Pollution-Intensive Goods – Do Environmental Regulations Matter?, in Bleischwitz, R et al. (eds.): Environmental Economics: Institutions, Competition, Rationality, VWF: Berlin, 2006, (with Matthias Busse).

[ current work in progress ]
– Education Reforms and Social Mobility in Germany.
Labour Market Policies and Education.
– Environmental Regulation, Innovation and Trade.
– Migration and Democratisation.